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An evaluation toolkit for e-library developments

About eVALUEd

The eVALUEd Project, based within the evidence base at the UCE Birmingham, was setup to develop a transferable model for e-library evaluation in higher education and to provide dissemination and training in e-library evaluation, and is supported by project funding through HEFCE.

In addition to the production of this toolkit, the research phase of the project included:

A survey to all UK Higher Education Institutions to establish their level of evaluation of Electronic Information Services (EIS)

The conclusion of the research phased was marked by a conference in June 2004

Associated training was delivered between November 2004 and August 2005

Project publications:

Evalued: Evaluating electronic library services, A summary booklet (you can order a copy of this by emailing ebase@uce.ac.uk)

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The work of the eVALUEd project led to two further HEFCE-funded projects managed by evidence base:

e-measures:The e-measures project was part of the HEFCE-funded Libraries: Outcomes and Measures project. It developed a new set of current statistical and performance indicators for electronic information services.  A total of 25 higher education libraries took part in a pilot project to test and refine a set of e-measures covering holdings, usage and costs of electronic resources. Evidence base then worked with SCONUL (Society of College, National and University Libraries) to roll them out to the sector as standard performance indicators for EIS; the measures developed have now been incorporated as part of the SCONUL statistical return.

The Outcomes Project:The Outcomes Project aimed to devise, pilot and test the feasibility of approaches to aligning library and information services outcomes with institutional aims through a case study approach.

Your Tools

If your library has any evaluation resources (eg surveys, usability studies, checklists, mystery shopper exercises, user panels) which you would be prepared to share with other HE libraries, please contact us