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An evaluation toolkit for e-library developments

Frequently Asked Questions

Site Questions

Evaluation Questions

How do I read PDFfiles?

In order to view PDF files that are held on this site you will need Acrobat Reader. This software is available to download free of charge from Adobe. For the Reader which includes accessibility support for screen readers, click here.

Your tools require Microsoft Word, but I don't have access it, how can I view or edit the files?

If you don't want to edit the files, you can download a Microsoft Word file viewer for Windows on the Microsoft site. Alternatively, Open Office can open and edit Microsoft Word files, and is available for free on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

Your web site doesn't print as it appears on screen, why?

This site uses print style sheets, so that materials like the case studies are formatted correctly for print. Modern browsers apply this stylesheet automatically. If you want to print what the site looks like in a browser window, you will need to take a screengrab and print that. On Windows machines this can be accomplished using "alt" and "printscreen"keys together and pasting the result into a document.

I get a message asking me to upgrade my browser when I access the site, why?

If you're getting that message it means one of the following:

Your Tools

If your library has any evaluation resources (eg surveys, usability studies, checklists, mystery shopper exercises, user panels) which you would be prepared to share with other HE libraries, please contact us