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An evaluation toolkit for e-library developments


Project management

Project management is the effort to manage work within a finite, clearly scoped, hierarchically-structured, linear development process with a definite beginning and end.

You may find it useful to devise a Gantt chart to help plan your evaluation and ensure it runs to time.  A Gantt chart shows the tasks and time involved in the evaluation.

Detailed instructions for creating a Gantt chart in Microsoft Excel can be found at http://www.eurosfaire.prd.fr/bibliotheque/pdf/GANTT_Chart_Excel_Stowe.pdf

An example Gantt chart (EXCEL File) for an evaluation using a questionnaire survey is provided.  You can use this as the basis for your own chart by changing the start dates and duration in columns B and C and by right clicking on the x-axis, clicking on Format Axis, selecting Scale and entering the start and end dates of your project in the minimum and maximum boxes. 

The balanced scorecard (WORD Document) is a management system that enables organizations to clarify their vision and strategy and translate them into action. It provides feedback around both the internal business processes and external outcomes in order to continuously improve strategic performance and results.

For detailed project management information, go to http://www.jiscinfonet.ac.uk/InfoKits/InfoKits/project-management/index_html